Special Event
"Nibbles and Drinks"
A great "mariage"
combination of
liquor and snacks

Japanese Sake Lovers' Gathering
Attendant: Aki Harada
Every Wednesday and
1st Saturday of the month
1st drinking session 18:00~20:00
2nd drinking session 20:30~22:30

Savor the flavor of 360ml of super premium brand Japanese sake such as Kubota and Koshinokanbai, and 180ml of top premium brand Japanese sake, a total of 720ml all together, plus great tasting tidbits to relish, within a period of 2 hours for 12,000 yen5,980 yen

Wine Lovers' Gathering
Attendant: Aki Harada
Every Thursday and
4th Saturday of the month
1st drinking session 18:00~20:00
2nd drinking session 20:30~22:30

Californian, French, Italian, Chilean, etc. Enjoy a wine within a period of 2 hours, served in an exquisite wine glass. Four servings plus hors d'oeuvres for 12,000 yen5,980 yen.(tax included)

《 List of Side Dishes 》
Renkon Mochi (Lotus root rice cake) / Iburi Gakko (Smoked Daikon) and Cream cheese / Kaisen Okowa (Seafood rice with edamame) / Mozzarella Basil Cheese / Ika no Shiokara (Salted squid guts) / Homemade Pickles / Italian Prosciutto / Assorted Olives / Lemon and Parsley Sausage / Marinated Organic Tomato / Assorted Natural Cheese / Mixed Nuts / Garlic Toast / Liver Paste / Smoked Cheese Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese
Please note that side dishes may change without notice.

Reservations for our special event can be made Here

Daytime 13:00-16:00

Karaoke Class(Lesson)
Second Saturday every month 
Instructor: Aki Harada, Jun Mizuki

Spiritual Counseling
Instructor:Sachiko Shimano 
Everyday 14:00-17:00. Reservations required.

Nighttime 18:00-23:00

Every Monday
Monday is sports events night! Enjoy!

Every Tuesday
Ladies' Day! Admission half price: ¥5,400(tax included)

Every Saturday
Karaoke night! Let's sing and have fun!

For reservations please call: 03-3573-0111


Gekko Building 7F 7-3-14 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo


From the C2 exit of the Tokyo Metro Ginza Lin, walk along Sotobori Dori towards Shinbashi Station. Turn right at the intersection of Ginza West 6-chome, then turn left at the first corner and walk straight for 1 minute.

Take the Central exit out of JR Yurakucho Station, go through inside Marion, walk along Sukiya-dori towards Shinbashi 4 minutes.

From JR Shinbashi Station take the Ginza exit and go to Ginza Corridor Street. Ginza Midori Sushi will come into view, turn right and Takohachi will be at the corner. Then go straight.

Our Vision


Libra's Vision: No boundaries between countries; no barriers between people.
Be it the Rotary Club, Lion's Club, Chamber of Commerce or any other club, we're all friends here—this is our philosophy at Libra. This lounge was opened to provide a location for people to gather, be it business or private, where everybody benefits: a win-win-win situation.

As owner of Libra,
I am committed to doing all I can to provide the setting for your moments of happiness and success—and the celebration that follows.
Aki Harada


Aki Harada

Born in Tokyo and raised in the States

USA Rotarian

BRILLANTE INTERNATIONAL Inc. Representative of the Board of Directors

Wins the Higashi-Kuninomiya International Culture Award(Nov. 3rd, 2010)

An authority on Alternative and Preventive Medicine

Skin Specialist. Make-Up Artist and holder of a number of international licenses as an Esthetician.

Was active as a fashion model in the past

Founder of the Hawaiian Wedding Project

Wedding dress designer

Income tax advisor

Management consultant

Master of Ceremony

Radio personality



Aki was under the tutelage of the late Mr. Den Fujita, the founder of McDonald's Japan, since her teens and studied the how-to's and philosophy of business from him.

In 1970 she planned and started the Hawaiian Wedding project, then flew to the States at the age of 21. In 1975 she established the overseas cooperation “Aki Bridal” in Honolulu, Hawaii, which creates a great wedding business boom.

In 2001, when her hands are suddenly disabled, she becomes interested in alternative medicine and devises the Aki-Style alternative medicine method.

She has been globally active as a beauty and health evangelist. She manages the Aki Beauty & Health School, spreads the Aki-Style alternative medicine and serves as a counselor, specializing in skin and health care.

She is also an instructor at health-related groups, carrying out seminars and lectures. She also acts as an advisor for beauty and health on TV shopping channels.

Based on her business experience in the States, she has developed “Lovelin”, a miracle nano power energy irradiator, that she has introduced and is spreading throughout Japan.

・She has also written a book, “Keppare! Miu-chan”
(The first edition was published on Feb. 4th, 2014 by Sojinsha. The second print is currently on sale)

・She appears in a book called, “What Makes A Person Top-Notch”
(Author Takuzo Yoshimura/Nisshin Hodo/published March 3rd, 2015.)

・Her book “Notebook of Essays” was awarded by the Japan Novelist Club. She has also written, “An Encounter with a Businessman with Political Influence”.

・“Aki♡Harada's Infinity Talk” that was aired on Rainbow Town FM can be viewed on You Tube.


Aki Harada will provide members advice and support to bring together plans and events.

I would like for all our members to spend a comfortable and relaxing time over tea.

Libra can also be used as a private tearoom with all of your friends. Please enjoy delicious tea served in splendid teaware such as Wedgewood, Richard-Ginori, Hutschenreuters, Tiffany, Royal Copenhagen and others.

Enjoy Japanese tea and sake!

Not only do we have black tea. We also carry a variety of Japanese tea and sake. Japanese tea is served in teaware such as Aritayaki and Bizenyaki. Although there is an additional charge, liquor is also served. It's a great place to hold a party too!

Seminars or schooling can be held using a large screen of 50 inches without having to use a projector.

The luxurious, relaxing room has a capacity of seating approximately 30 people. It is suited to carry out special seminars and schooling where the distance between the instructor and the students can be experienced more intimately. For example, wouldn't it be great to conduct a table manners class using the fantastic tea sets we provide? Or having a make-up class in an at-home atmosphere? Libra is here to provide a place to realize the dreams of our members.

Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, after-wedding reception parties, you name it. We provide party plans for every special occasion.

Aki Harada, the founder of the Hawaiian Wedding Project, who has resided in the States for quite some time, is always ready to assist each and every member in setting up plans for special parties. Please feel free to inquire.

Enjoy karaoke with the newest professional DAM Karaoke machine.

Have karaoke parties using our DAM karaoke system(Daiichikosho) with charges that are much cheaper than the ordinary karaoke club for two people.



Many Libra original events will also be held.

We have plans for events that we're sure our members will enjoy. Please invite your friends and come join these events.

♡ Karaoke Class(Lesson)
Second Saturday every month
Instructor: Aki Harada, Jun Mizuki
Check In:12:30
Content:Basic voice training course. You may choose a song of your choice.

♡ Spiritual Counseling / Instructor:Sachiko Shimano
Everyday 14:00-17:00. Reservations required.

Open between the following times:


♡ 【Discount for Seniors】All people over 65 years of age
Admission is free of charge if accompanied by a member.
Tea, coffee, soft drinks are 3,240 yen(tax included) per person.
※There will be an additional charge for beer, wine, Japanese sake, Shouchu, and all other liquor.
※To receive a senior discount please tell the club staff when entering and present your ID.

♡ Admission fee 10,800 yen (tax incl.)
※ One member may bring up to 20 people along.

♡ Drink ¥540(tea, coffee, etc.)× number of people
《Drinks : Coffe・ Tea ・ Japanese tea ・ soft drinks》
※There will be an additional fee for liquor.

♡ Karaoke Use
Complete room reservation for a specific group 32,400yen + Karaoke machine usage fee 5,400 yen (tax incl.) for three hours.



Monday - Friday 18:00 - 23:00

Admission Fee

・Members ¥10,800 for 90 minutes
・visitor ¥10,800
・30 minute extension ¥3,240 additional charge
※Tax included in fees

【Discount for Seniors】
 All people over 65 years of age ¥5,400
※To receive a senior discount please tell the club staff when entering and present your ID. Tax included in fees

・Included in the admission fee are
《Draft beer / Highball / Chu-hai / Hot sake / Red wine / White wine / Soft drinks》

Others(Additional charge)

Special and delicious Japanese sake, wine, plum wine. Various kinds of sparkling wine are also available. The staff will also keep a bottle of your favorite drink reserved for you (Bottle Keep service). Appetizers are changed on a daily basis.